im just a homebody dyke with too many hobbies. this was started as a place to keep track of the mail i send out, but now ive added a bunch of other pages related to my interests. give those a look if you want to know what im usually blabbing about in the letters i send out.

everything is still majorly under construction!

  • 03/01/2023: been a while! had a slump and didn't work on letters for a while but I'm back to it and will be updating this site more
  • 10/20/2022: added some halloween envelopes i've done recently! i feel like im always excited for halloween but then i can never execute any of my ideas properly. oh well. im trying to drop the perfectionism thing anyways!
  • 10/01/2022: added new envelope to personal penpals + new insert to inserts; added guestbook; archived sep 2022 music faves and started oct 2022 faves
  • 09/22/2022: a letter showed up in my mail today! it's from a penpal that I thought had dropped me a couple months ago. I'm not sure if it got lost in the mail or if my penpal just needed more time, but I'm excited to read and reply!